Air Bags

Air Bags

With an increasing need for ultra-low oxygen (ULO) fruit storage, the use of air bags is growing in popularity. Storage Control Systems offers a durable air bag with easy installation brackets. The air bag can be used in conjunction with a balance/cascading air line on a series of controlled atmosphere rooms to help absorb pressure changes without changing the oxygen content of the rooms.

Pressure Relief Valves

Sealed CA rooms go through many pressure changes during the storage season. There is a danger of damaging the walls or ceiling of the rooms if proper measures are not taken to absorb the pressure changes.

Storage Control System’s pressure/vacuum relief valve is a simple solution to the problem. With this valve mounted externally to a 4″ pipe penetrating one wall of the room, you can maintain a non-threatening pressure level in the room. It is pre-calibrated to relieve pressure at +.25″ water column, and vacuum at -1″ water column.

Automatic Switch Company makes a series of aluminum and brass body solenoid valves for various uses. Whether you are looking for a low pressure, or high pressure valve, Storage Control Systems can provide you with the right valve to fit your needs.

Storage Control Systems Motor Ball Valves are perfect for your controlled atmosphere needs. Available in a wide range of sizes, these valves eliminate the need to have pressurized air to open the valves. This leads to less maintenance, greater reliability, and lower operating costs!