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    Solo Series Single Room CO2 Scrubbers

    SCS is proud to announce their latest Solo Series CO2 scrubbers. Sized for single rooms, this scrubber has enormous capacity for its size. Use it at harvest time or as an emergency solution for a room with CO2 out of control. Park it in a hallway, outside the room, or simply inside the room, the twin bed design offers effective CO2 scrubbing for even the lowest of oxygen regimes. Get all the advantages of a whole-store CO2 scrubber with virtually no room PVC piping! Our patent pending N2 bed flush is available as an option if needed.

    The PLC, screen, and VFD package on the scrubber allow for 115V wiring with a standard wall plug, minimal kW usage, operator interface, alarms, and ethernet connectivity to larger host computer systems for RUN commands.

    Never has automatic CO2 scrubbing been so easy! No extensive piping with individual costly room valves are needed; simply place one scrubber on every room and the facility is ready to run!

    • Four Models Available
    • Place Inside Room or Hallway
    • Models 100 & 150: 115V Single Phase Power with Standard Plug
    • Models 160 & 180: 220-460V Single/Three Phase Power
    • No Extensive Room Piping
    • ULO Compatible
    • Ethernet Connectivity
    • Twin-Bed Scrubbing
    • Patent-Pending Nitrogen Purge Optional
    Model Capacity Width Depth Height Weight
    Solo 100 49kg CO2 @ 3.0% 54” 26” 71” 800 pounds
    Solo 150 94kg CO2 @ 3.0% 54” 29” 71” 1150 pounds
    Solo 160 138kg CO2 @ 3.0% 53” 46” 77” 1525 pounds
    Solo 180 171kg CO2 @ 3.0% 82” 35” 78” 1800 pounds

    Advantages of Using SCS Scrubbers

    • Built in the USA at SCS Facilities
    • Top-Grade Carbon specially forumulated for CO2 Removal
    • 8" Touch Screen with PLC - Control
      • • Room Pressure Monitoring and Logging
      • • Room Pressure Testing Feature
      • • MODBUS with SCS Controls
      • • Automatically Logs Run-Time to Prove Capacity
      • • Alarm Screen Allows Shut-Down for Over Pressure and Blower Failure
    • PLC - Input Driven On-Board CO2 Analyzer
      • • Controls Switching of the Cycles
      • • As the CO2 Decreases the Cycle Time Changes
    • Simple, Clean, Energy-Efficient Design
      • • Typically Half the Kilowatt Draw of competitors units
      • • Analyzer-Dependant, Variable Cycle Times Save Energy & Increase Lifespan of Carbon Beds
      • • Highly-Organized Design For Efficiency as well as Aesthetic Appeal
      • • White Powder-Coated Panels Conceal Moving Parts, Keeping Everything Clean
      • • Engineered for Easy Service
    • No Auxiliary Air Compressor Required
    • No Lung to place of Maintain
    • Direct drive, USA-Made Blowers Eliminate Belt Headaches
    • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
      • • Insure Proper Airflow to Each Room
      • • Maximize Efficiency on Long Runs
    • Automatic Room Pressure Testing
    • Escalated CO2 Exposure Increases Firmness

    Storage Control Systems, Inc. was established in 1982 by Caryl A. Schaefer, father of the current owner James. C. Schaefer. SCS started out by building our very first carbon dioxide scrubbers and aluminum CA doors for a local fruit grower. Today, 27 years later, we pride ourselves as a Worldwide leader in the Controlled Atmosphere, fruit and vegetable storage industries. We have installations of our products Worldwide, including: South America, India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, and Europe.

    In these several hundred installations around the World, we have supplied Permea Nitrogen Generators, SCS Carbon Dioxide SmartScrubbers, GCS Gas Analyzers, SCS CA Seal Doors, and all the piping and valving associated with CA stores. Our equipment is built to last with mostly US made components. Quality control is our first priority, and attended to daily. Our management team cares about each customer’s needs on every job, no matter the size. Many models and sizes of equipment are available, and being the manufacturer allows us to custom build equipment to particular applications and customer needs.