Storage Control Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of the controlled atmosphere industry since their establishment in 1982.  The company has proven to be a leader in North America for supplying atmosphere modifying equipment including nitrogen generators, CO2 scrubbers, gas analyzers, temperature control & monitoring equipment, as well as a specialty cold storage warehousing design/build firm.  Holding several patents, they continually innovate and challenge themselves to lead the industry. Airtight rooms are essential for proper controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables, especially with the recent recommendations for ultra-low oxygen environments. Their latest patented technology, SafePod, has been installed around the world to lead this new frontier.  SCS is also an authorized distributor of Frigadon chillers and Hycool secondary fluid. Effective and efficient cooling of apples is an important goal when storing fruit. Secondary cooling is now a familiar topic echoing in fruit growing circles. Minimal refrigerant charge, redundancy, and SCS’s state-of-the-art Kilowatch energy management controls are key ingredients to success. SCS CA warehouses have proven themselves to offer energy savings year after year, minimal weight loss, and are able to be operated from a smartphone, keeping them connected at all times…wherever in the world they may be.

"Storage Control Systems, Inc - Ensuring Every Season is Apple Season."

- James C. Schaefer, President