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Storage Control Systems

Storage Control Systems is a leading provider of innovative equipment for the controlled atmosphere industry. With a commitment to producing high-quality and reliable products, SCS has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of products to improve the lives of fruit growers. On this page you will find some of our most popular products.

Featured Products

CO2 Scrubbers


Carbon dioxide scrubbers for CO2 control inside controlled atmosphere storage environments

Frigadon Chillers


Frigadon has developed a range of totally environmentally friendly packaged air cooled chillers using the natural HC refrigerants. Never before has it been so easy to install and commission a refrigeration system!

Kilowatch Energy

The Kilowatch Energy Management system uses real-time energy usage monitoring combined with an abundance of energy-saving features that translate to significantly reduced operating costs

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators help to extend the shelf life of produce and reduces the amount of spoilage that occurs during storage and transportation. Storage Control Systems offers PSA and membrane nitrogen generators.


Storage Control Systems is proud to offer a range of doors as the standard for insulated and cold storage facilities. Having the ability to seal a storage room beyond the capabilities of typical commercial doors eliminates vapor drive, keeping the atmosphere isolated within a room for ultimate control.

Stoplite II Oxygen

This system was developed to simply and obviously alert persons before entering a controlled atmosphere environment by using the universally adopted visuals of a traffic signal. Green means go, yellow means yield and red means stop: what could be more simple?

Electric Slide Valves

Electric Slide Valves

In an effort to provide automatic storage control capabilities to all customers, or to automate a customer’s existing valving, Storage Control Systems has developed a more economical valving solution, the SCS Electric Slide Valve series.

SafePod Fruit Storage

The future of fruit storage monitoring is here! Read all about it on our SafePod website.


The concept behind the CAIT treatment is simple: reduce the oxygen levels in a cold storage environment as low as possible, and all stages of insect life - egg, larvae, pupae or adult - are unable to survive.