Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Storage Control Systems, Inc. custom builds nitrogen generator systems using membrane separators manufactured by Permea, the industry leader of controlled atmosphere technology.

Permea’s membrane nitrogen generators selectively separate air to produce an enriched nitrogen stream. Permea controlled atmosphere systems use no combustible fuels, so there is no worry of combustion hazards or fuels coming in contact with your products.

Ease of Use and Great Results

Permea nitrogen generators are designed for minimal maintenance and operator attention. The system can be set into operation manually by the turn of a switch, or automatically by a GCS CA system controller which is also available from Storage Control Systems, Inc.

Our CA technology gives you the flexibility to control the amount of nitrogen you want to produce, as well as the purity you want. Permea CA technology makes it possible for you to lengthen the storage time of apples, pears, kiwi fruit, stone fruit, and other perishable commodities. Because our technology extends the storage life of fruits and vegetables, they can be harvested later, resulting in enhanced quality that differentiates your product.

Fresher produce, lower operating costs and greater CA efficiency all combine to give you greater success.

Our portable line is available for fruit storage operators with remote facilities. The unit is fabricated on a steel skid and arranged conveniently for easy lifting with a hi-lo. Simply place the unit on a truck or trailer and move the N2 source to the next building.

The new Duo option combines the advanced control of our Permea nitrogen generators with the O2 maintenance capability of our Prism Pressure system.


  • Add the convenience of making your own nitrogen!
  •  Simple, low-maintenance design
  •  Portable or fixed installation applications
  •  Expandable cabinets allow for future growth
  •  Available with a digital display of product purity
  •  No moving parts