CA Laboratory Cabinets

Controlled Atmosphere Laboratory Cabinets

Storage Control Systems develops and produces storage chambers for controlled atmosphere research laboratories around the world.

High-Quality Materials and Convenient Sizes

These chambers are constructed of non-rusting materials and are designed for internal atmospheric gas monitoring and adjustment. Air-circulation fan control and temperature monitoring are achieved through a low voltage electrical umbilical system which connects the chambers to an optional SCS monitoring and control module.

These cabinets come in custom sizes, but most commonly in (6) and (12) 1-bushel plastic tote configurations. The chambers sit on heavy-duty locking casters for ease of mobility and optionally feature fork pockets if needed.

Chambers are top-loading, with the lid sealing to the cabinet via a water trough around the top of the chamber, in which the lid flanges are immersed to create an airtight seal. This water seal system is designed such that 0.5 to 1 inch of atmospheric pressure will be maintained within the chamber before excess pressure is vented, and a minimum of 0.5 inches of atmospheric pressure is maintained after 60 minutes has elapsed.

The lid is constructed of clear polycarbonate to allow for visibility into the chamber. There is also a quick-release port integrated into the lid to allow for direct sampling of the chamber atmosphere independently of the automated sampling system.

A circulation fan assembly is built into the chambers to provide air circulation once the chamber has been sealed. These fans are very low power to reduce heat generation as much as possible during operation in order to minimize product desiccation during the course of a long storage experiment. Gas feed, sample and vent lines are incorporated into the cabinet via quick disconnects for ease and mobility.


  •  Designed to laboratory specifications
  •  Non-corrosive, air-tight construction
  •  Locking casters for ease of mobility
  •  6-bin (32 bu) and 12-bin (72-bu) sizes
  •  Gas feed, sample & vent lines
  •  Available laboratory-grade sampling & control system

6-Bin Cabinet (Tall):

  •  41” L x 28.5” W x 32” H
  •  104,2 cm L x 72,4 cm W x 81,3 cm H

6-Bin Cabinet (Wide):

  •  41”L x 28.5”W x 32”H
  •  104,2cm L x 72,4cm W x 81,3cm H