Micro CA Pallet Bags

Micro CA Pallet Bags

Storage Control Systems, Inc. has a new simple system for micro controlled atmospheres. Use this simple bag method over your pallet of produce to extend the life by modifying only the atmosphere inside each individual pallet of produce.

This method is very cost effective and suitable for various size fruit growers. Once sealed, these pallet stores are kept in your cooler and under a controlled atmosphere until the product is ready to market.

How It Works

Oxygen and carbon dioxide control can be monitored via external tubing connected to the pallet using quick-connect fittings. This allows the tubes to stay in place, while the pallet is removed from the cold store, and then available for the next sealed pallet to go into that produce storage location.

Control can be accomplished manually or by a complete computer control system that can sample up to 100 pallets. Unique set points are programmable for each pallet.


  •  5 covers per roll
  •  Standard size is 48” x 53” x 168”
  •  Durable 8-mil plastic
  •  Reusable
  •  Accessories: pressure relief, quick-connect
  •  Multiple control methods available
  •  Fast and cost effective MCA
  •  Extend post-harvest produce storage up to 6 weeks