MicroPod System

MicroPod System

The Storage Control Systems MicroPod builds on our SafePod technology, but ticks the box for those looking for an indication of maturity for small fruits in a controlled atmosphere environment. Never before has anyone automated a ranking system to determine differences in very small lots of cherries or blueberries.

How It Works

Banks of 12 MicroPods can show true ml/kg/CO2 by calculating sample weight, volume, and CO2 production.

Typical time to gain a respiration indication is up to 1.5 hours. The MicroPod will automatically stop when a valid sample is achieved or a programmable elapsed time has occurred.

Small volumes of fruit samples help make educated marketing decisions. The respiration data gathered quickly and easily from these small samples in the MicroPod allows the user to determine which lots may be respiring more quickly, which is to say, which lots have the shortest shelf life remaining, and thus would be more beneficial to push.

Two sizes are available for the MicroPod: 330mL and 740mL, and the disposable cup inside the Pod makes for easy cleanup.


  • Measure respiration rates in very little void air for small fruits
  •  Respiration is measured in short time periods for small fruits
  •  Extended flexibility with small batches and other fruits
  •  Capacity to measure up to 288 different samples simultaneously to have samples in a selection of different temperature environments
  •  Simple to operate for trouble free routine use
  •  Results available in common computer formats
  •  Professionally engineered and supported for long term use
  •  Easy for multiple users to use and operate
  •  Save on MAP gases