Respiration Ranking

Respiration Ranking

Using fruit respiration data to determine fruit quality, a patented process developed by Storage Control Systems, reveals the most important and previously unachievable third dimension for the future of produce quality assessment.

Finally, a simple, reliable, and obvious indicator of the health of fruit and vegetables post-harvest! Respiration occurs in all harvested fruit and vegetables. The process consumes the energy contained within the plant cell structure of the produce, meaning that, in general, the lower the respiration rate, the longer the acceptable life of the product.

How It Works

With our process, as you remove fruit from controlled atmosphere or refrigerated air storage, 25 lbs from each lot are placed in our individual chambers (such as LabPods or LabPod Minis) for precise respiration measurements.

By careful measurement of the atmosphere inside the sealed chamber, the amount of carbon dioxide produced and the oxygen consumed can be determined. Our cloud-based software then automatically ranks the respiration rate assigned to each sample, helping you determine longevity and use of each lot. Samples are graphed in real time, viewable on our mobile app and giving you results in as little as 6 hours.


  •  Patented technology:
  • U.S.. Patent no. 11484038
  • Canadian Patent No. CA 3057938
  • Patent No. GB 2579270
  •  Tool for ranking individual lots
  •  Adds respiration index to QC process
  •  Customized website interface for your data
  •  Automatic graphing of O2, CO2, and temperature