Series IV CO2 Scrubbers


The massive success of the Storage Control Systems EIII Series CO2 scrubbers has spawned the IV Series, bringing greater control to the next generation of SCS CO2 scrubbers.

Updated features begin with gas sampling of the lines for smart scrubbing control. Our new Pre-Scrub option evacuates the main trunk lines into a standard controlled atmosphere room prior to initiating a scrub cycle on a DCA or ULO room. Doing this prevents stray O2 in the lines from disrupting levels in sensitive rooms where control is key.

Another new feature is MultiQueue, which allows multiple rooms to sequentially share the same scrub cycle, helping to keep room levels more consistent, as well as helping to reduce the number of complete scrub cycles required of a machine.

CO2 Scrubbers

The operator interface allows for:

  •  Easy programming of unique facility room numbers, settings & alarms
  •  CO2 concentrations for peak performance scrub and purge times
  •  Background timing defaults
  •  CO2 scrub cycle history
  •  Logging of CO2 levels
  •  scrubber capacity ratio
  •  Single or multi-room sequencing
  •  Auto room pressure testing

Oxygen control is also a feature available for the smaller warehouse operator.

Large models feature Variable Frequency Drives to ensure maximum-efficiency CO2 adsorption for various warehouse installations across the world. Neither 50Hz or various piping should change the adsorber characteristics.

As the scrubber reduces the CO2 in the room, the cycle time adjusts accordingly making the scrubber more efficient each cycle. This ultimately will reduce your scrub cycle times and make the oxygen in the room easier to control. ULO is easily achieved on SmartFresh treated rooms.

Program Features

  • Multi-queue for stacked scrub cycle sharing
  •  Pre-scrub for more accurate DCA control
  •  Gas sampling for smart control
  •  N2 mains purge & flush functions for DCA
  •  VFD control
  •  CO2 sensing of beds
  •  Data logging to USB
  •  Remote access from any internet/ethernet device
  •  Email alarm notifications/daily status reports
  •  MCP flush – evacuate high room CO2 after MCP
  •  Electric room balance valve control
  •  Temperature monitoring (up to 4 probes per room)
  •  Apple conditioning period & temperature logging

Machine Features

  • Various sizes for various storage capacities
  •  PLC / CO2 / optional O2 analyzers onboard
  •  Individual room sequencing
  •  Auto room pressure testing
  •  New HP blowers with greater energy efficiency
  •  Energy-efficient variable frequency drives
  •  8” color TFT touchscreen for increased visibility
  •  Ozone sanitation cycle

Advantages of Using Series IV Scrubbers

Built in the USA at SCS facilities

 Top-grade carbon specially formulated for CO2 removal

 8” touch screen w/ PLC-control

  • Room pressure monitoring and logging
  • Room pressure testing feature
  • MODBUS with SCS controls
  • Automatically logs run-time to prove capacity
  • Alarm screen allows shut-down for over pressure and blower failure

 PLC-input driven on-board co2 analyzer

  • Controls switching of the cycles
  • As the CO2 decreases the cycle times change

 Simple, clean, energy-efficient design

  • Typically half the kilowatt draw of competitors units
  • Analyzer-dependent, variable cycle times save energy & increase lifespan of carbon beds
  • Highly-organized design for efficiency as well as aesthetic appeal
  • White powder-coated panels conceal moving parts, keeping everything clean
  • Engineered for easy service

 No auxiliary air compressor required

 Lung option for DCA

 Direct drive, USA-made blowers eliminate belt headaches

 Variable frequency drives (VFDS)

  • Ensure proper airflow to each room
  • Maximize efficiency on long runs

 Independent sample system with 3/8” tubing

 Escalated CO2 exposure increases firmness

 Room sharing of scrub cycles

 Automatic room pressure testing

 Room pressure safety sensing