GasTight Doors


Storage Control Systems, Inc. is proud to launch GasTight doors.

An airtight room is essential for proper controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables, especially with the recent recommendations for ultra-low oxygen environments.

Long lead times are a thing of the past, with even custom sizes built to order in just a few days out of our Michigan headquarters. The SCS-manufactured GasTight doors have been the standard in the fruit industry for over 20 years in the USA and over 40 years in Europe. With our USA production capability, a new level of service & affordability makes them the right choice for all GasTight applications.

Not only do the doors slide easily on the aluminum track, but they seal within 2 minutes!

How It Works

To seal a room, the doors are closed, six latches are snapped into place on the supplied door frame, then the patented inflatable seal is simply pumped up using a hand pump. The pressure gauge can be monitored to ensure the seal is holding against any imperfections in the floor or wall surfaces.

The construction of the doors is an aluminum, thermally-separated extrusion around the perimeter, and the doors leaf is made of our 4” insulated metal panel with Kynar coating for exterior applications.

The doors can come completely assembled or shipped and assembled on site by SCS technicians. Multiple styles of doors are available, and all are very innovative with unique designs, so contact us today for more information on the right doors for you!


  • Inflatable GasTight system seals in seconds
  •  Horizontal slide, vertical lifting, or hinged
  •  Optional GasTight window
  •  R-34 rating with thermally-separated frame
  •  Standard sizes (custom sizes available)
  •  Entirely made in Sparta, MI, USA



  •  Thickness: 4” IMP leaf construction
  •  Colors: white standard, custom colors available
  •  Frame: extruded anodized aluminum profiles
  •  Case: anodized aluminum profiles
  •  Seal: 100% GasTight inflatable with improved radius at corners
  •  Mounting: aluminum rail with synthetic rollers; hinge option


  •  Synthetic hinged window and case made of impact-proof PVC
  •  23.5” x 23.5” gas-filled insulating glass
  •  Opening direction: left-hand opening
  •  Closing: five point lock and handle
  •  Locking: cylinder lock
  •  Emergency: unlocking available from inside with handle